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Welcome to Tykie

The Tykie is a hand built toy based upon the traditional rocker-type toys with a quirky, individual twist.

Beautifully hand-crafted from English Oak, tyres and deer’s antlers, these toys take upcycling to the next level!  We offer five different versions of Tykie: The Tykie Original, the Tykie Mk2, the Tykie For Two, the Tiny Tykie and the Titan Tykie. Each Tykie is individually built to order, which means that generally they are delivered within 4 weeks, however if you need one more quickly, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Our materials are all sourced locally to us in the Midlands, UK.  The naturally shed antlers are used by Ranachan Designs for the amazing steel-mounted antlers that they sell on their website, but they can only use matching pairs of a very high standard...which means there are plenty of odd ones that had been broken whilst on the Scottish red deer - recycling materials that otherwise would have been wasted.

We are very proud of the finished product; it is classy, beautiful and also brings a lot of fun to any child (or adult) who is lucky enough to own one!